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 203 Main St. Wayne, NE  402 833 1287

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Home of Coffee for Real Men

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Need one of our fresh roasted coffee drinks?  Visit the Drive-thru.

Private Label bagged coffee with humorous sayings.   Try the Farmer's Blend, the Right Winger, the Fisherman's Blend, or the Red, White & Blue salute to the troops, and also a High Heeled Girly title.  Stop by for a laugh and a great coffee gift.

Now Available Online:


Miss Molly's

Small batch roasting of quality coffee beans from all over the world.  Stop by and watch Molly at work!

Miss Molly's Drive-Thru

Located at 527 East 7th St. Wayne, NE

Hours: 6:30am to 1pm Monday thru Friday

      8am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday

Who would of thought--a coffee drive-thru in WayneAmerica!

In-House Coffee Roaster

Open for Parties, Catering, Meetings, Special Events, High Tea, and Private Dinners

Customer Comments:

"I come in offen since you guys are really cool here.  I enjoy the coffee and how fresh it is.  I would recommend this place to anyone.  D. A.  White Mocha

Great Coffee & Great Environment to relax in. 

TR Wild Cat Mocha

Great Service!! :)  S. M Pumpkin Spice Latte

I love it here/come in offen because I enjoy the environment.  The coffee is amazing and the staff is very nice. A+++  T.M.  Salted Caramel Cocoa


Milk Chocolate, Caramel,

2 shots Espresso, frothed milk,topped with Whipped Cream & Drizzles

# 1 best seller

Miss Molly's

Coffee House now OPEN Monday-Thursday

                         3pm to 8pm

Coffee Roaster and Party Center

We Sell In-House roasted coffee beans and loose leaf tea.  Call us for purchasing.

"Making each customer's Day a little sweeter!"